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Lancashire Fantastic Book Award

Wow, it's been a loonnnngggg time since i updated the website and added anything on here.

To quote professorHorace Slughorn, " These are Mad times i tell you Mad times."

Although Lockdown is not really much different than my day to day solitude life of an illustrator, it has been tough having the 3 children here all day everyday and has made work difficult.

But i've been lucky to continue to have regular work, ive been working and am working on lots of fun books. I've had a couple of books that i didn't get that are out now, which i was a bit gutted at, but they look great and the illustrators who got the jobs are amazing, and i knew i didn't do anywhere near my best work, so better luck next time.

But some lovely news i received last October (2020) is that a book i illustrated called My Family and Other Ghosts, written by Lou Kuenzler and published by Scholastic was nominated for the Lancashire Fantastic Book Awards.

Fingers crossed it gets shortlisted to the finals, but if not it is a great Honour to be nominated.

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