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Black and White Illustrations

Here are some examples of my Black and White work.

Hades Basement

little Rat character design

woodland giant
kids sketch
kid gang sketch
B&W girl sketch
B&W boy sketch
Playground bully

bully sketch


cavemen doodles

Mean man

doodle, not sure what this is but i see a story in it.

Ivy character designs

Different hair designs for My Family and Other Ghosts.

bear doodles

some doodles of a bear with glasses.

Troll character design
Pirate sketch

A sketch of a pirate from a Chapter book i am writing.

Pirate Sketch

Sketch of a pirate from a Chapter book i am writing.

Pirate sketch

Sketch of a pirate from a Chapter book i am writing.


Sketch of my Fav Wizard

Empire strikes back
Comic book style zombie
Wiseman from The Labyrinth
Wintry boy
benny schuster
prof scissorson
prof flowers
image 25 misty on moors final_edited
image 20 in attic final_edited
image 1 twins and doug final_edited
image 17 chaos final_edited
image 26 misty holding head final_edited
image 10 twins and ladys final_edited
image 3 twins on beds final_edited
Chapter 5 image 3 in undergrowth final_e
image 13 singer and twins final
image 27 all the ghosts and twins finals
image 14 All the ghosts final
image 6 hotel final
image 11 headless in library final
Chapter 7 image 6 bekko in cave final
Chapter 8 image 3 kuma bekko and suki fi
Chapter 8 image 4 suki jumping at tengu
Chaper 2 image 2 fara and bekko final
line up C1 final_edited
painting wall finals_edited
Raizel at door final_edited
Dancing hora final_edited
fonya in wagon final_edited
Pirate Captain

Little Pirate image i did on the iPad Pro.

Zombies are coming
Auchwitz tribute
Viking rider
Dog walking thoughts
Iron giant
wolf silhouette
space campaign
skateboard kid B&W
Viking Family
Witch spell
Snail Rider
snail sketch
raft trip
monster pet b&w
Graeae (three witches)
monster under the bed
kids b & w
halloween black & white spots
rabbit cave
black and white knight
boy pencils
girl crush
boy and monster
Bigfoot chase
burger tower
cat sketch
Book mouse
B&W cat and badger
B&W George and the Dragon
1960's Moon Girl
B&W Rabbit
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