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The Wondrous Dinosaurium Roughs

I Just thought i'd share some of the roughs from The Wondrous Dinosaurium.

This was my first attempt for the cover of the Book. Rather different than how it eventually turned out.

Here is Danny.. he stayed the same from day one.. no alterations needed with him..just trying out some different expressions and body positions to get familiar with drawing him.

Here are a couple of different versions of Mr Ree.. i actually started with a very simple Mr Ree (which you see in some of the rough spreads) but he wasn't right, but we ended up using the Mr Ree from the right here.

Here is the first rough spread of the outside of the shop and a rough colour version of the shop, but it just wasn't "Wondrous" enough! there was no wow factor to it. (Notice i spelt Wondrous wrong !)

This one was just Boring!!

i decided to totally change perspectives so you could see more of the shop, and my wife suggested that the shop has a pterodactyl wing as an overhang and scales on the walls etc.. (she's a genius!) so thats what i did, i tried to incorporate dino bits into the shop.

Here was my first rough of the inside of the Shop. there are a lot more dinosaurs in here than the final image, and you see my first incarnation of Mr Ree here too !

I really loved roughing this out. We ended up removing the cages etc.. Dinosaurs DO NOT like being in cages!

And last but not least, The T-Rex (which actually started as an Allosaurus) i didn't know it was going to be a T-rex until it was printed.

we started with him popping Danny into his mouth then spitting him out with all the meat needed to feed him on the floor. I really liked creating this chap.

Hope you liked seeing the scribbles that helped create the book, please feel free to comment.

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